Real estate development company based in New York and Florida since 2013. 

With over 20 years of experience in property development, ownership and management in Italy, INGEGNI is a strategic partner in the residential and commercial real estate development. 

Our vision, commitment, and skills aim to facilitate investments in properties of the highest standards. We are bringing together the best-in-class LEED approach with cutting-edge smart building technologies, efficiency, and sustainability.


The company oversees the operations of development through its management team based in Manhattan, NY - Miami, FL - Milan, Italy and Lugano, Switzerland

Operating with a foresight vision, we bring together a unique group of entrepreneurs, buildings owners and investors with broad experience in real estate industry.


Our US development operations are localized in New York, NY and Miami, FL.

Green & Technologies

Our hands-on approach excels at time of purchase and property re-positioning, incorporating efficiency and sustainability in all its operations. We are bringing together the best-in-class LEED approach with the cutting edge Smart Building technologies.

Our mission is to rehabilitate and built buildings that are preserving the historical, architectural and cultural environment in which the taste and habits of people can be fully achieved over time. 

This is our vision, while working for the 21st century, on both ground-up projects and overhaul projects.


Balance between History and Technology

Our approach produces houses and buildings with great living comfort, energy conscious management together with the complete respect of historical heritage and future trends. We are working to provide high value, structurally safe, sustainable, resilient, and high-technology equipped buildings.

Quality Finishes and Details

Our process stands behind our standards using only top-quality materials and premium features. Finest finishes inside and out. We prefer the exceptional things in life, hidden in the details and always outcome of carefully designed solutions helping our future residents to enjoy the best housing experience.

Green Retrofit and LEED Certification

Today’s environmental challenges and increased awareness, we are committed to properly preserve them by utilizing both inherent and new green design measures to enhance potential building performance. Every Ingegni’s Building reaches the highest possible level of LEED certification.

Taking into account historic buildings’ original features, our green technology approach can supplement inherent sustainable features without compromising unique historic character. Reuse and retrofit of existing buildings offers immediate opportunities to address climate change impacts. Older buildings incorporate many features that make them energy efficient, including those which maximize natural light and promote passive heating and cooling.

Key Facts About Our Green Approach

Design and Construction Costs

Green does not necessarily need to cost more, particularly when are integrated into the development process right from the start. Green buildings have been shown to save money through reduced energy and water use and lower long-term operations and maintenance costs. In order to achieve their predicted performance, our high-performing green buildings are backed up by robust commissioning, effective management, and collaboration between owners and occupiers.

Risk Mitigation

Sustainability risk factors can significantly affect the rental income and the future value of real estate assets, in turn affecting their return on investment. Extreme weather events and systematic changes in weather patterns affect the insurability of real estate and lead to questions about the resilience of assets.

Impact on Health

Researches show that the green design attributes of buildings and indoor environments can improve occupant health and well-being. Improved indoor environmental quality is a priority in our building design and construction, incorporating it into financial decision-making.